Grooming guru, HIV activist, podcaster and aspiring figure skater Jonathan Van Ness has been defying social norms since becoming his conservative high school’s first male cheerleader. The Queer Eye star’s 2019 memoir Over The Top details the emotional tumult of growing up gay in a small Midwestern town, along with the ensuing years of trauma, judgment and self-doubt that shaped him into the beacon of self-love and positivity he is today.

Back in June, Van Ness shared his favorite books of the summer with Amazon Book Review, saying:

“For me, the perfect summer read is like broccoli with cheese on top: it’s nourishing and gives you something you need, but it’s also fun and easy to devour. That’s why I chose these four books. Vegetables can be delicious, who knew?”

Find Jonathan Van Ness’ reading list below.